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muscle metabolic Biological sciences

Knowledge of the muscle cell secretome

The cells are made of so many vital things and each one of them inside is going to play a vital role inside the organism. Generally performs various biological or metabolic reactions to keep the body of an organism active they include proteins, hormones, and enzymes. Among these proteins are[Read More…]

Ways to determine the protein structure

Protein plays a vital role in every living organism and there are more than a hundred proteins in each creature to take down the metabolic activities of a body. But still there or few more proteins about which have not been studied. With the improvement in technology, it is possible[Read More…]

brain gets addicted to gambling

Why peoples get gambling addiction?

Gambling is not something that is a new thing to come into use it was existing in ancient days. Until it is been under the limitation there are no issues but when you start playing it for real money you will be getting addicted to it with or without knowingly.[Read More…]

Do gambling disorder comes genetically?

The gambling problem has become one of those common problems among this generation the main reason behind this is the easy availability of gambling sources. No matter where you are if you have electronic gadgets with an internet connection you can start gambling from your place this increased the count[Read More…]

financial depression

How does gambling addiction affect your mood?

These days, the majority of them are involving in gambling and one among the five getting the gambling addiction. The worst part is most of them are getting addicted to it without knowing, but still, some percentage of people are gambling responsibly on knowing the risks of gambling addiction. In[Read More…]

How x-rays are used in biological research?

Biological science is making use of recent technology to study the biological structure to design the new thing or to bring the alteration in pre-existing structures. One among those things is X-ray spectroscopy which is being an effective tool this day to study the samples of something. They are making[Read More…]

biggest gambling nations

World’s best gambling countries

If you are a gambler then you have to get to know everything about gambling including those facts about the world’s biggest gambling countries. Because when you get them known you can plan your gambling tour and also able to gain knowledge about the gambling evolution across the geographical locations. Here some[Read More…]

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